Book Report: Coraline

This book is mainly about a girl who encounters a parallel world behind the door of her house where she must face her parallel mother who is ruler of that strange land and has a dangerous obsession with her.

I think the conflict of Coraline is girl vs. odd woman, since most of the action takes place when she tries to escape from her weird, sick other mom, or trying to rescue others as well from her claws (or long, red nails) .

I found this plot interesting and engaging, it was a different story. I particularly liked how Coraline had to constantly change “heroic tasks”, like when she went from trying to escape evil mom, to saving souls from evil mom, to saving her parents from evil mom, to saving strange dad from evil mom, etc.

As I mentioned before, I particularly enjoyed the drawings, I think they contributed greatly to the whole idea of the story, they added some shadow to the dark, odd, mysterious adventure…They were kind of the cherry on top of this maquabre ice-cream of story.

The book was also pretty interesting as well. The characters were pretty new to the kind of characters in books I read before.

The climax of “Coraline” happens when she tricks her other mom into opening the door of the corridor so she could run away; she made her other mom think that she knew where she had hidden her parents, knowing that if her other mother opened that one door she would have one only chance to escape.

This scene involves quite some action; Coraline throws the black cat at her other mother’s face, distracting her from what she was about to do, then, once she was on the other side trying to shut the door, she feels the prescence of other human beings (her parents and the children), who were just there for moral support I think, because they didn’t really do anything else.

The conflict was resolved, because in the end Coraline returns home to find her parents acting as if nothing ever happened. I found this resolution pretty satisfying, because I would have been a little depressed if she would have stayed caught in the other world with her other mom for ever.

Coraline, the main character is brave, young but matture (I d0n’t exactly know her age, but it says she is older than she looks) and kinda bored. Brave because it takes guts to face a freakish woman who’s obsessed with having you as a daughter, mature because she is able to listen to adults, understand their point, but not necessarily agree with them (for instance with people like Mrs. Spink and Mrs. Forcible, or the crazy old man or her parents), and bored because you can see throughout the first chapters of the book how she constantly looks for things to do, but ends up with just a hunger for exploring.

Coraline was pretty interesting, but Other Mother was the one the most interesting because of the buttons and the power and the obsession.

Overall I enjoyed the reading. I think I’d recommend it from ages 11 and up, because it may be odd and kind of scary, but I think it’s sort of a kid’s book at the same time.


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